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Notes in a busy time…

by chimpden on August 4, 2011

We only just returned from Verona and Venice, but I nevertheless duly packed the family off to the US for a few weeks today. I remain here to focus on a few key work projects and–more importantly–the need to manage our application for Indefinite Leave to Remain with the Home Office. We have decided to settle in the UK permanently. It feels slightly odd to have arrived at this point. But the decision removes the uncertainty of wondering where in the world we might end up every time my visa comes up for renewal or a new position opens up at my firm in a country of interest. We are also totally, completely and hopelessly addicted to London after five years here. I imagine that’s how New Yorkers feel–I never got it when I lived in the States. I do now. More when time permits…..


Tidbit: Lyrics Alley

23 April 2011

The words on the page are a mirror. They reflect his secrets and his beauty. He is more than an invalid; he is more than a tragedy. He is Nur Abuzeid and he is reading again. –Leila Aboulela, “Lyrics Alley”

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Sparkle on, Chicago!

6 April 2011
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RIP, Pinetop

22 March 2011

I read this morning that Willie “Pinetop” Perkins has died. He was perhaps best known as the piano player in Muddy Waters’ band but he was much more than that–he was 50 when he joined up with Muddy and was still playing in Austin this year, at age 97. I had the great privilege of […]

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Travel, Twitter, Work, Family, Visitors, etc., etc….

6 March 2011

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry not to be around here more often. As you can tell from the title of this post, my time is stretched these days. (Twitter made the list because it’s all too tempting to let 140 character posts substitute–poorly, I think–for more thoughtful, longer pieces). The absence of new content is not […]

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Recent Reads: Paris Review Interviews, Vol.1

16 September 2010

If you have not yet purchased, stolen, borrowed, or otherwise got hold of the Paris Review Interviews collection, you’re missing out. I only have limited time to read at the moment, but the few interviews I’ve read thus far are outstanding in their ability to reveal something about how each writer approaches his or her […]

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Tidbit: Maximum City

17 July 2010

“My father once, in New York, exasperated by my relentless demands to be sent back to finish high school in Bombay, shouted at me, ‘When you were there, you wanted to come here. Now that you’re here, you want to go back.’ It was when I first realised I had a new nationality: I was […]

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The iPad: One Week In

6 June 2010

Last Friday, the day of the UK launch, I purchased an iPad. It should be noted that this was done in a semi-coherent haze amid severe jet lag. I wandered by the Regent Street Apple store first, but the atmosphere was pure madness. A line four abreast wrapped around the block; Stephen Fry was outside […]

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44 Scotland Street Redux

28 May 2010

I’m beyond pleased to see that Alexander McCall Smith has another instalment in the lovely “44 Scotland Street” series coming out. McCall Smith had previously implied that he would be shelving “44” to work on other things, most notably a new series set in Pimlico that kicked off with “Corduroy Mansions.” If you aren’t familiar […]

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